The Benefits of Choosing Used Cars over Brand New Cars

If you have had your attention grabbed by a shiny new car that promises unparalleled performance and good looks, you’ve more than likely given into your curiosity and had a little look at the costs involved. Maybe you have even gone through the customisation process to build your dream version. If this sounds familiar, it’s also likely that you treated this process as an ‘if I won the lottery’ situation, because, let’s face it, brand new cars cost a small fortune and are way outside the budgets of many people. 

While brand new cars are extremely expensive and highly desirable, most of us need to be more practical and realistic when choosing our next (or first) cars. The best way to make sure you don’t overspend on your vehicle is to choose a used one. The rate at which new cars depreciate is fastest during the first few years, so by choosing something that is at least a couple of years old, you can potentially save yourself quite a few thousand pounds of the new ticket price. 

Financial savings are not the only benefit to choosing a used car, though it is often the most important one to consider, especially if you are working with a tighter budget. On average, a used car will cost up to 50% of the cost to buy the same car brand new, and as mentioned most of this depreciation takes place in the first two to four years of the car’s lifespan. 

The average car user will replace their car every five or six years, though many people only keep their brand new car for a year or two before upgrading. This means there is a steady stream of high quality, relatively new and low mileage vehicles entering the used car market at any given time. So, aside from the obvious savings, what are the other benefits to choosing used?

Shop smarter by choosing a used car

We have already covered the fact that used cars will have done their most rapid depreciation while with their original owners, but did you know that buying a brand new car often comes with hidden costs? It can be easy to be drawn in by deals and discounts advertised as benefits if buying a brand new car, but you really need to scour the fine print for hidden costs. These additional fees often include shipping and handling fees as well as dealership fees. 

When looking at second hand petrol, diesel, or used electric cars for sale you will be pleased to know that these fees do not apply, and unless you are working out a finance package or personal loan, the price you see listed is what you will pay. Having said this, if you are unable to visit the dealership to collect your chosen used car then you may need to pay a delivery fee depending on how far from the dealership you are based. 

Not only are used cars much more affordable than brand new ones, they also come with certain guarantees and protections for the buyer if you choose to shop with a reputable certified dealership. A dealership will provide you with a standard warranty, and most will give you the option to purchase an extended warranty of a year or more. These will usually cover you against mechanical faults, though sometimes will also cover other kinds of damage, so always be sure to ask questions and read the fine print when considering warranties. 

When buying from a dealership the cars available for sale will have been thoroughly inspected and checked over for quality and reliability. This means the interior, exterior and engine will all have been tested and where applicable any faults will have been addressed before the car is sold. 

Buying a used car that has undergone this process gives you the peace of mind you need, especially if you depend on your car every day for commuting, the school run, or running your usual errands. You can be assured that the car is of a high standard and that you will also be able to take it back to the dealership to have it repaired for free while it is under warranty if it does develop a mechanical problem.